The series: Small Wonders features stories filled with both humor and mystery, ranging from tales of the paranormal to the schoolyard antics of an adventurous trio of oddly adult-minded yet winsome children. Readers will delight in the charming escapades and witty exchanges of these three extraordinary childhood friends: Nico Paz; Anaba Harjo; and Philippe, Nico & Anaba’s companion. An element of the supernatural enters the story with the apartment’s resident ghost who haunts the top floor, while a darker, more brooding aspect lurks in the form of Nico’s single father, Gilberto, who works as the apartment manager. The first installment concludes with an episode where Nico and Anaba wander too far and find themselves stranded in the woods. Who knows what might happen next!

The creators: Small Wonders is a comic created and written by M. G. Moscato. His work appears in Harpur Palate, Lungfull!, and elsewhere. More can be found at Sean Fitzgibbon is the illustrator of Small Wonders. He wrote and illustrated domestiCATed, a graphic novel collection of short stories. More of Sean’s work may be found at


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